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About SafetyCulture Care

SafetyCulture Care is an intermediated insurance agency business available through brokers, offering risk management and business insurance for small and medium-sized businesses.

Unlike the traditional approach to insurance, SafetyCulture Care starts with risk management and a position of wanting to help customers run a better, safer business.

This includes using the workplace improvement tools and technology provided by SafetyCulture, leveraging data to create insights relevant to that specific industry or business, and risk surveys to better understand a customer’s needs.

Importantly this process involves SafetyCulture Care working with the broker a three-way partnership focused on mitigating risks and helping customers to improve their businesses.

SafetyCulture is the world’s leading platform for workplace improvement. Its mobile-first operations platform leverages the power of human observation to identify issues and opportunities for businesses to improve every day.

The power of its technology will allow SafetyCulture Care to accurately understand and underwrite business, and to provide a bespoke offering for those that are actively taking steps to mitigate risks.

As part of their insurance, SafetyCulture Care, provides tailored inspections in a SafetyCulture account that will help spot safety issues and take appropriate actions when needed, ultimately helping your customers run a better and safer business and help to mitigate incidents.

To access SafetyCulture care:

  1. Create an account at
    1. If you already have a SafetyCulture account you can activate your care account using the same credentials via
  2. Select if you are a broker or a customer
  3. Log in to your SafetyCulture account via this link:
  4. Follow the steps to complete signup

Risk management

The first step of risk management is to identify and evaluate risks in your business. Then we focus on resources to mitigate the impact of possible unfortunate events. With SafetyCulture Care and SafetyCulture you will get access to unique tools:

  • Digital inspections that allow them to get on top of the day to day risks and prevent issues before they impact their business.
  • Self-assessments for customers to reflect on their business and see how they compare to others in their industry.
  • One on one consultations to identify key areas of risk and get targeted recommendations on how to manage them.

Risk management is important as it reduces the likelihood and severity of incidents happening in a workplace. Whether looking after people or property, taking action is key to reducing the chance something happens.


No. We will always pay a claim if it is valid and this does not matter whether you have completed an inspection or not. Inspections are a great way to ensure a safer business, but a failed or missed inspection is part of the business.

No, unfortunate and unforeseen events will still occur. SafetyCulture provides you with risk mitigation strategies to manage and reduce the likelihood and severity of claims.

There are a few ways you can file a claim, and notifying as soon as possible is important. Filing directly with the Carrier on your policy is the fastest way.

  • You can file a claim online directly with The Hartford by visiting their claims page here. You will need your policy number and information about what happened.
  • Reach out to your broker who can assist you
  • Reach out to us directly (phone/[email protected])

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