Try these troubleshooting tips to see if they will resolve your issue:

  • Disable any browser extensions you have turned on
  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • Clear your browser’s history/cache/cookies
  • Test for the issue in another one of our supported browsers below to see if the issue is isolated to only one browser or across multiple browsers

If you are still experiencing issues after trying the steps above, contact our Support Team. Be sure to indicate exactly which steps you’ve already tried so that we can better assist you.

Disable browser extensions

To disable browser extensions:

Update browsers

SafetyCulture Care only supports the most up-to-date, official browser version. You may run into issues if you are running an outdated version of a browser. Ensure you have the best possible experience by updating your browser to the latest version.

To update your browser:

Clear browser history & cache

To clear your history:

Compatible browsers

SafetyCulture Care works with the latest versions of:

Incompatible browsers

SafetyCulture Care does not work with:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Opera
  • Developer or Beta versions of supported browsers

SafetyCulture Care is a modern web application that uses some of the newest capabilities of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Different browsers still interpret these in different ways. These differences could potentially cause severe bugs – like data not saving, or data becoming corrupted and overwriting good data.

We test and develop for the list of compatible browsers and block access to SafetyCulture Care from those browsers listed as incompatible above. This is in order to protect your data.